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Every Second Counts Tour

The Million Dollar Bull & Rider Tournament brings together both Million Dollar Bucking Bull owners and the nation's best bull riders.  This tournament requires both bulls and riders to prove that they should be on top...and with being the top rider and bull comes major winnings!

This is an event that has many twist and turns! Fans and bucking bull owners have the chance to "buy" a rider and select the bull he will ride in that round.  Fifty percent of the purchase price goes to increasing the rider payouts, and the remaining half goes to the winner-take-all fan/owner jackpot.  The standings are determined by the addition of the bull score and the rider's time on the bull (i.e., rider will receive one point for every second that he successfully rides his bull).

Bulls and riders compete at regular season events, and the winning bull, and rider, from each of those events qualifies for the Tournament.  In Vegas, 18 bulls and 12 riders compete throughout the week, with one bull and one rider being crowned champion.

Format & Rules
No re-rides
No re-bucks

2016 Finals Week:

Eighteen (18) bulls will take part in a unique and exciting competition that will conclude with the top two bulls going head-to-head in a bracket-style tournament, where one bull will be crowned the Bucking Bull Games World Champion.  All 18 bulls will buck twice over a three-day period (October 31-November 2), and, each time the bull bucks, the judges score and the rider's time will be combined for a total cumulative score.  After all bulls have gone two times, the scores for each bull will be added together.  Then four bulls with the top scores will advance to the semi-finals, where they will buck again on the fourth day of our event (November 3) held at the South Point Arena.  Each of the semi-finalist bulls will add their 3rd score to their previous 2 scores with the top 2 bulls advancing to the top 2 showdown on November 4 at the South Point Arena where they will go head to head and be scored like the riders (must be ridden for 3 seconds or longer to receive a score) to determine the champion bull and $50,000 winner. If both bulls end up with the same score, then a tie will be broken by which bull had the best three bull cumulative scores coming into the finals and if a tie still remains, then the tie will be broken by a coin toss.

12 superstar bull riders will take part in a unique exciting double elimination tournament, where riders will advance each round simply by beating the one rider they are matched up against.  In order to receive a score, each bull rider must ride 3 seconds or longer.  The rider's score is then determined by the bull score plus his ride time (example: 87 point bull score + 3.56 rider time = 90.56).  If the rider stays on less than 3 seconds, he will receive a zero.  If both riders stay on less than 3 seconds, the rider with the highest bull score advances.  Although riding 8 seconds does get a rider additional points, it does not ensure victory over a rider who rides less than 8 seconds (example: 88+4 beats 82+8).  The tournament will last a total of 5 days.  During the first 3 days there will be several match ups of riders that will end up eliminating 8 of the 12 riders and any time a rider makes an 8-second qualified ride he will receive $250.  There will not be any money paid for a qualified ride once we reach the semi-finals and the final two as all those riders will have plenty to ride for, with an estimated champion payout of $20,000.00.