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What is the arrangement when I am partnered on a bucking bull?

If you become partners through the Exclusive Genetics program you will own 50% of that particular animal. The Jaynes Gang will care for the animal and provide feed, water, training, and care for the bull at half the cost to which is only $175/month. This expense doesn't start until January 1 of the bull's 2 yr old year (prior to his 2 yr old year, you pay only $75/month). You, as the owner, will pay the entry fees for the Futurities and Classic events. The winnings will be split 50/50 between you and The Jaynes Gang. The only other expenses you will incur for competition would be 50% of the trainer care while the animal was at the competitions. As 50% owner you would be responsible for half of the expense to truck the bull to locations other than competitions (vet, hoof trimmer, semen collection, age certification) along with 50% of the actual cost of the services.
Note: The Jaynes Gang does not partner on any Million Dollar Futurity bulls. If you are looking to partner in a bull that is eligible to compete in the MDF, please complete a Bull Investor Connection application.