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Meet Billy Jaynes, CEO Exclusive Genetics

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The most interesting way to make a million – invest and get involved.

America needs path-breaking investment opportunities and innovative ideas for healthy growth that will be a universal fit for all kinds of portfolios.

Billy Jaynes, one of the most unorthodox and innovative business brains in the country, offers just that – an opportunity to try out something new and make money and to not only potentially make money, but to have fun doing it. The CEO of Exclusive Genetics has opened up the modern day investment world by bringing it closer to the great American tradition of bull riding and its vast opportunities.

Exclusive Genetics is the leader of superior genetics and breeding programs in the bull riding industry, but more than that it is the home of winner bucking bulls of America. Billy’s innovative ideas like the Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship, Bucking Bull Games and now National Bucking Bull Day have created a stir not just in the bucking bull industry but the Nation at large.

Don’t be surprised to find a die-hard New Yorker setting off for Las Vegas this April for National Bucking Bull Day to develop his/her interests and investments!

Quick look at the investment advantages:

  •  Range of investment levels – So one can start small and grow from there. Once the returns are steadily manifested one can also add to it and create a more healthy investment opportunity. The step by step process brings one closer to the bucking bull world.

  •  Participation in futurity – Instead of spending on mature bulls, there are cost effective options like buying yearlings with superior lineage. Investors then have the opportunity to have the young bulls trained with the Jaynes Gang World Champion Bucking Bull Trainers.

  •  No need for experience - Even if one is not very knowledgeable about the sport of bull riding to invest in, there is nothing to worry because Exclusive Genetics take care of all the hard work. From rearing to training and to ensure their place in future competitions, EG makes the process very smooth.

  • Involvement and participation - Billy Jaynes and his innovative investment ideas offer not only potential returns but more involvement for every investor. The various ways to learn and get hands on experience of this emerging market promises more fun.

  • Breeder's Certification - The process of finding customers of means, helping them select the best calves and retaining you to train their bulls involves careful planning, marketing and advertising. This has been the centerpiece of Exclusive Genetics success. By participating in the Exclusive Genetics Breeder Certification program you will benefit from the marketing and promotion EG provides to move your operation to the next level. (Click HERE for more information)

His ideas have brought the bull riding world and its many opportunities closer to the mainstream populace and have created an exciting way to expand the portfolios of the new age investors.