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Sister Willie

Cattle Name:
Sister Willie

Cattle #:

442 - Sister Willie is sired by straight Plummer bull named "Jughead" and 442's mother is Cow 57 who is a daughter of Slick Willie and the mother to Black Willie.
Sister Willie has already raised several really good bulls including 2012 Million Dollar bull "Pop The Latch", and 2013 Million Dollar Bull "Going Postal."

Sire Info: Jughead (M24)

The dad to 442 - Sister Willie is a bull named Jughead who was a straight plummer bull that did buck. Jughead made it all the way to the PBR level. He was big for a Plummer bull and would kick and spin in the gate.

Dam Info: 57 (57 Heinz 57)

The mother to 442 - Sister Willie is Cow 57 "Heinz 57."  Heinz 57 is a daughter of 4X NFR bull Slick Willie. Slick Willie was a bull with a ton of kick. He would rarely spin but he jumped and kicked so high and hard that the judges always marked him high. The bull riders won 1st place on him all four years at the NFR. The Slick Willie genetics are known for putting that kick in your bulls that seperates the great ones from the good ones. Heinz 57 is also the mother to PBR bull "Black Willie."  Black Willie was an outstanding bull before sustaining an injury. He finished 6th at the ABBI Classic Finals as a three year old and also qualified for the ABBI Classic Finals as a four year old and then went on to be a good PBR bull for a couple of years before being retired because of the injury.


Registration Papers:


Cow 442 - Sister Willie

Heinz 57, mother of Cow Sister Willie

Jug Head sire of Sister Willie


Son of Sister Willie,2013 Million Dollar Bull Going Postal, bucking as a yearling.

Another son of Sister Willie, 2012 MDF bull Pop The Latch, winning EG Champions Tour as a 2yr old

442A, son of Sister Willie

57 (57 Heinz 57)

Jughead (M24)