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Fever's Rising

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Fever's Rising

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Description: Fever's Rising is Bucks By Design's #1 herd sire and there are plenty of reasons why. He is a son of Exodus, and his mother is a daughter of NFR rank pen bull Jungle Fever.

Sire Info: Exodus (40) Exodus comes from a ranch in South Texas owned by a man named Jr. Allen.  Jr has been breeding and raising bulls since back in the mid 1900's.  He has raised many great bulls that PRCA stock contractor Sammy Andrews hauled and took to the NFR and his bulls have proven to be great sires because the genetics are deep in his animals going back many generations.  Exodus qualified for the NFR and was voted the best bull of the 8th go round, and he also qualified for PBR Finals when the PBR was just getting started.  Billy Jaynes, of Bucks By Design, said, " The Exodus genetics work, and they work a high percentage of the time regardless if it is coming from the sire or dam side of the papers."

Dam Info: 103 (103 ) 103 is a daughter of Jungle Fever, and she has raised three bulls that buck. Her genetics work and is probably a lot of the reason why Fever's Rising has produced so many buckers.


Registration Papers:


Fever's Rising

Studly, sired by Fever's Rising, bucking at a PBR event

Flat Head, sired by Fever's Rising


Studly, son of Fever's Rising, bucking off Valderion DeOlivera

Fully Wicked, son of Fever's Rising

Flat Head, son of Fever's Rising, winning a NBBA Derby event

103 (103 )

Exodus (40)