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2012 Vegas Shootout



2012 Vegas Shootout Results

Click for a video of our winners!

Cracker Jack owned by Gaston, Carpenter & Hudgins won the $50,000 top prize when their bull Cracker Jack scored an 89.75! 2nd through 9th won some nice checks also and here is how it finished:

Hurricane Harrie owned by Carpenter, Gaston and Vongontard's- 87.75, $22,398.35
Firpo owned by Bob Whisnant- 87.25, $14,214.34
Get Plowed owned by Young/Harmon/Heibert/Barker- 87.25, $14,214.34
Bomber owned by Bob Adams and Paul Thomas- 86.75, $6,891.80
Cardinal owned by Brad & Jaimie Bays- 86.75, $6,891.80
Tuve' owned by Brad & Beau Mills- 86.25, $6,030.33
Big Goose owned by Pete & Suzie Baker- 86, $4,307.38
ZY He's Twisted owned by Leap Of Faith/Jaynes/Allen & Connors- 86, $4,307.38
It's Snot For dinner owned by Skippy & Linda Johnston- 85, $1,722.95
Final Judgement owned by Clark & Pamela Stone- 85, $1,722.95