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Bucking Bulls For Kids Scholarship Program


Any kid (no minimum age!) can 
train a futurity bull and compete for a $100,000 college scholarship!

Participating in this program is EASY:

1) Purchase one (or more!) of the Youth-certified bulls below at a set price now of $5,000....OR, certify and compete with your own bull you choose (bull must be certified before first regular season BBFK event).

2) Let us house, train, and haul him to 2017 BBFK events at Bucking Bull Games events for you, or take him home and train him yourself.

3)Win money by competing at regular season BBFK events held in conjunction with BBG, ABBI, and UBBI events.

4) Bring him to the BBFK finals event where the champion kid bull owner will win a $100,000 scholarship.

See Below For Program Details
Important Information

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Program Details:

1) Open only to kids or students who have not graduated high school.

2) Videos are available above on bulls that will be sold on a first come first serve basis. The price for your choice of any bull above is $5,000 (does not include training.)

3) Bulls can also be double-certified for the Bucking Bull Games Million-Dollar Bucking Bull Championship.

4) There will be no requirement that bull cannot compete at open events, but bull cannot have won money at an open 2-year-old event prior to being certified into the BBFK program (certification into BBFK program must be completed prior to first BBFK regular season event).

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