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What is the Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship?

The Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship is a (closed) private futurity (for 2 year olds) where your bull will compete. Twenty five bulls will win money with the top bull getting $500,000. The number of bulls that can compete are limited! This makes the odds better for you to earn big payouts. You can read more about the MDBBC by clicking here.

How much money can I win owning a bucking bull?

Although you can win substantial money owning a bucking bull, we always tell our owners to make that a secondary goal simply because there are more people that do not win big than do win big. The reason for owning a bucking bull should primarily be the experience, the fun, the journey, the friendships made, the competition, the travel and just becoming MORE THAN A FAN.

What skills do I need to own a bucking bull?

Not many really! Just a passion for our sport and a desire to be more than a fan. We have a slogan:

No Truck or trailer? No Ranch? No Problem!We do all the work, you have all the fun!

We will allow you to be as much or as little involved as you choose. Every owner is different and our goal is to meet that owner's personal wishes.

Who will train my bull?

Billy Jaynes is the CEO of both Exclusive Genetics and The Jaynes Gang-World Champion Bucking Bull Trainers. Although you could use any trainer you wish, the vast majority of our owners leave their bulls in our program, and for good reason! The Jaynes Gang has trained multiple world champions and achieved to date over $2,000,000 in earnings. Click HERE to get more information and see our state of the art facilities!

Where would my bull compete and buck?

If you use our preferred trainer, The Jaynes Gang, your bulls training would take place at our main ranch facility location in Orchard, TX. We videotape all of your bull's bucking sessions upload them to the internet and e-mail you our training comments so you can keep up with the journey of your bull. When your bull is ready to buck competitively here are some of our special events:

$1,000,000 Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship in Las Vegas, NV
$50,000 to win Memorial Buck Day and BBQ Championship in Orchard, TX
$25,000 to win Second Chance Championship in Las Vegas, NV
$20,000 to win Gold Buckle Challenge in Las Vegas, NV
$10,000 to win Champions Tour events held at different locations selected by EG each year.

These are all Exclusive Genetics produced events but your bull will also have the ability to go to other open events that are usually take place in different towns mostly in Texas and Oklahoma.

Can I purchase insurance on my bull?

Since you are making a major investment we suggest you insure your bull. Our recommended agents will be happy to explain all the details.

Who will name my bull?

Sometimes when you buy a bull he is already named and sometimes he is not, but either way you get to have the fun of naming him or re-naming him if you choose.

Where do I look on your website to select my bull?

These bulls can be obtained through a draft based on genetics, through our online Sale Ring where regular auctions are held for yearling and 2 year old bulls as well as through live auctions held in different locations throughout the year. We also try to keep a good inventory of quality bulls for sale on our website. You can click on the Million Dollar Bulls For Sale link to check them out.

You will be able to review pictures, and videos of the bull prior to making your selection. Of course if you have any questions just give us a call!

What is a pre Futurity, a Futurity bull, a Derby bull and a Classic bull?

This terminology often confuses new folks to the business but it is simply the age of the bull. First you should understand that no matter when a bull was born during a year he is considered born January 1 so his birthday is January 1 of every year.

Pre-Futurity- 1 yr. old bulls
Futurity- 2yr old bulls
Derby- 3yr old bulls
Classic- 4yr old bulls

Most fans do not realize that futurity bull events by and far offer the biggest winners payouts in the industry. They greatly exceed anything a stock contractor or bull owner can earn with a cowboy bull in any of the associations you see on TV or at events. Most new bull owners think the big money is in owning a bull that is on TV. Though that can be fun and exciting, and we can help you get a bull there if you choose, the financial expense far outweighs the revenue that can be generated.

Pre futurity bulls are yearlings (one year olds) who can compete in events that usually take place in the late fall of their first year. It takes most of the year for the bull to grow to be able to have the strength and coordination to compete as well as receive the training needed to succeed.

Payouts for pre futurity events can exceed well over $100,000. The largest pre futurity event in the world is Exclusive Genetics Vegas Shootout, where the winning bull will receive $50,000.

Each year the Jaynes Gang ranch hosts the Memorial Day weekend Buck Day and BBQ. A pre-futurity is held with a winners payout of $50,000 The Jaynes Gang also sponsors the Gold Buckle Challenge that takes place in Las Vegas with a $20,000 to win pre futurity event.

As mentioned a futurity bull is a 2 year old bull. The futurity end of the bucking bull business is starting to evolve to pay similar purses to 2 year old events in horse racing.

Exclusive Genetics Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship offers payouts of $1,000,000! This is the highest purse event in the entire bucking bull industry. Other events sponsored by EG include the $25,000 to win Second Chance Championship and a series of $10,000 to win Champions Tour.

Exclusive Genetics and The Jaynes Gang also enter bulls in open competitions that can have winning payouts of several thousand dollars to over $100,000.

What competition is there for a Derby and Classic bull?

Derby bulls, coming off their futurity year, usually start the process of training with a rider in January or February. While some futurity bulls make great rider bulls the reverse is also true. Your bull might not have preformed well as a 2 year old but still has the opportunity to become a great cowboy bull.

Both derby and classic bulls compete for high payouts at many events. Exclusive Genetics run a series of $10,000 to win events for derby bulls.

What are the options for my bull if he is good after he turns 5?

While we have all watched on TV or attended bucking bull events with cowboys riding, your ownership through our program will initially involve yearling and two year old bulls, then hopefully they will move on to become great cowboy bulls (the truth is few do). In 2012 a CBR (Champion Bull Riding) bull team owned by one of our customers, and featuring three cowboy bulls won the Million Dollar Bull Team Championship! That owner started with Exclusive Genetics with the purchase of draft picks.

Many of our customers experience the excitement of seeing their bulls compete for many years after their futurity season!

What makes a bull a good bucker?

The core business of Exclusive Genetics is the sale of futurity bulls. Futurity bulls are simply 2 year olds in competitions with a dummy (mechanical weight on their back) and are judged in 5 categories: buck, kick, spin, intensity and degree of difficulty.

What is a bull draft?

The majority of our owners purchase their Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship bulls through our major league bull draft taking place in 2012 on October 24th at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas. Owners purchase spots in the draft and base their choice on data from our special online research program, past knowledge of seeing some of our top picked sires buck on TV or at bull riding events and sometimes by intuition or chance!

How much is my initial investment?

The initial investment for the 100% ownership of a bull calf based on genetics is between $10,000-$15,000.

What type of care will my bull receive?

The care for your bull is based on whether you keep him outside in a pasture with other bulls or in the Jaynes Gang bull barn where he has his own private care. Additionally when your bull goes to an event all expenses (trucking, travel, hotel, etc.) are added up and then divided by the number of bulls that The Jaynes Gang hauled to that event. The current average is about $300 per event per bull. Click HERE for our current fee structure.

Who will care for my bull until it is weaned?

If you purchase a bull calf through our draft we will care for your bull through birth and until it is weaned. A weaned calf is one that is separated from its mother and starts a life on his own.

Can I visit your ranch in Orchard, Texas?

Yes. Our Exclusive Genetics office and Jaynes Gang training center are located on a beautiful 500 acre ranch in Southeast Texas, not far from Houston. We are very proud of our facility and enjoy when folks come to visit. We like having guests so much that we have on the ranch a beautiful western guesthouse with a gym and pool that can be utilized by our customers when they are in south Texas. We'll even let you behind the chute to learn to flank a bucking bull or two.

Where would I travel to?

Our events are located at some of the greatest bull riding and rodeo venues in the US. Our flagship event the Million Dollar Bucking Bulls Championship preliminary round and the Vegas Shootout will be held in 2012 at the South Point Hotel Arena during PBR week while the MDBBC Finals, Gold Buckle Challenge and Second Chance Championship will be held in Las Vegas during the NFR Finals at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Events during the year are held in storied venues such as the Cowtown Coliseum in the historic Ft. Worth Stockyards.

Who are your customers?

Our customers come from all walks of life from both urban and rural areas across the nation as well as other countries like Canada and Brazil. All of our customers have one thing in common: their love of the bucking bull sport and the desire to become a bucking bull owner. There is never a loss of words or lack of fun when our customers gather together at one of our events!

What are the advantages of being a bucking bull owner?

Our customers tell us that owning a bucking bull has allowed them to not only be more than a fan, but has given them the ability to really understand the bucking bull industry and what it takes to raise and train a good bull through their personal relationship with the Jaynes Gang staff.

Customers tell us that being a part of our program has given them the capability to get to know top stock contractors and top bull riders because of their ability to now be behind the scenes at events and meetings that these key players also attend. The other advantages include meeting and hanging out with very influential people who also love this business and are bucking bull owners. We feel one of the big advantages of our program is that ability to feel the thrill of watching your bull grow up, mature, buck, compete and hopefully get you in the winner's circle! Click HERE to view our photo albums from all EG events and get an idea of the experiences our customers have!

How do I get started with my journey to own a bucking bull?

Call Mickey Hayes our Sales Manager at 979-478-2855. Mickey is a veteran of the bucking bull industry and is willing to take as much time as needed to give you an industry overview and explain the purchase process. We know that your entry into the bucking bull business is an important decision and want you to have a solid understanding of the industry before you buy. We have several other bucking bull experts if Mickey is not available to help you.