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2017 Mid Summer Finale

May 26th - May 28th

Event Name:BBG-ALL STAR SERIES MSFEvent Location:Orchard, Texas
Date:May 26 - 28Entries Open/Closed:5/8 - 5/15
Address:9818 Johnson Rd
Orchard, TX 77464

9818 Johnson Rd
Wallis, TX 
Bull Housing:Same
Special Events:Casino Night
VIP Sale
AIPC Draft Preview
Non-Qualifying Futurity (View Bulls That Can Enter This Event)
MSF Buy-Back Futurity
Open Futurity
Check In:Friday, May 26, 2017
Times:Friday, May 26th
12pm - 4pm   Check-In
6pm   Complimentary Dinner
8pm   Casino Night

Saturday, May 27th
9am   Breakfast
10am VIP Sale
12pm Lunch
1pm   MSF Futurity Events & Non-Qualifying Top 50 Bull's Futurity
4pm   Bull & Rider Maturity Event

Sunday, May 28th
10am   AIPC Draft Preview
12pm  Compinmentary Lunch 
1pm     MSF Buy-Back Futurity & Open Futurity (Co-sanctioned with ABBI - $50 fee for ABBI Points)

Entry Fees:Open Underdog: $800
Experience Class (Open): $250
Open Bargain Bucker Futurity: $500
Bucking Bulls For Kids: $500
PBRG: $2,750
Non-Qualifying MSF Futurity Class: $1000 (Bull's must have paid Qualifying Fees ONCE) *$7000 Added
MSF BUY-BACK Futurity & Open Futurity: $1000 (This is for bull's who competed in MSF and want to compete on Sunday for additional money and ABBI Points or any open outside bull to enter during entry week) *$10,000 Added
Open Bull & Rider Maturity: $1,500

On Saturday will have a class for Non-Qualifying Top 50 bulls that will have $7,000 added and

On Sunday
 we will have a Buy-Back Open class for the top 50 bulls that will have $10,000 added. The Buy-Back open class will also be co sanctioned with ABBI so you can get points that weekend. The entry fees for both classes will be $1,000.

To enter the Non-Qualifying Top 50 class you must of entered atleast 1 of our regular season events but anyone can enter the Open Class

Host Hotel Information:Holiday Inn Express & Suites
2370 TX-36
Sealy, TX 77474
Group Name "Bucking Bull Games"
Book By May 15th

The top 50 bulls (from BBG or All IN) after Qualifier 10 will be eligible to compete at Mid Summer Finale for added money raised from Qualification fees at Qualifier 1-10. A bull as the option to pay the $500 qualification fee regardless of the class entered to try and qualify for the top 50 bulls. Every bull will win a minimum of $1,000 at Mid Summer Finale.

The top 50 will be based on bull’s average score (EG and ALL IN) from a minimum of 7 events. Bull’s score will count toward average regardless of class bull enters as long as qualification fee has been paid.

The bull’s score will count toward the Top 10 regular season payout by entering any class, but in order for your score to count to qualify for the Mid Summer Finale you must enter a class that has the qualifying fee (EG champions class or All In Champions Class). An EG certified bull can also enter the Underdog class or the exhibition class and have the score count toward the Mid summer finale standings by electing to pay a qualifying fee. The qualifying fee must be paid prior to competing.

The top 10 EG bulls after BBG Mid Summer Finale will qualify for Top 25 and the top 3 All In bulls will qualify for top 7 in Vegas and will not have to compete at Preliminary. Bulls are not required to pay a qualification fee to count towards their season average.

The top 10 BBG and top 3 All In bulls after Mid Summer Finale will be based on average score at 7 events (bulls must attend 7 events to qualify). The bull’s best 7 scores will be used to compute average (bulls are not required to pay qualification fee to have count towards season average.)

The Top 6 BBG or ALL IN Futurity Bulls after the Mid Summer Finale will recieve an invite to the American Bucking Bull, Inc (ABBI) Finals (must pay ABBI entry fee) with out qualifying through ABBI point system. *Bull must attend a minimum of 7 events. Additionally at PBRG Futurity Team Event, the top scored Futurity Bull will receive an invite to the ABBI Finals (with out qualifying through ABBI point system.) They are required to pay the ABBI Finals Entry Fee.

All regular season events will be co-sanctioned with the ABBI. All Bulls will have the option to pay a $50 charge to obtain ABBI Points.

Besides winning money at Regular season B&R and PBRG events, bulls and riders will also be trying to qualify for the annual Bull & Rider Tournament held in Las Vegas during PBR Finals week. In order to be eligible a bull or a rider must have 3 results recorded (either the Bull & Rider Tournament or PBRG Event) to figure their average and the 12 riders with the best average ride times and the 13 best bulls with the best bull score + ride time average (either the Bull & Rider Classic or PBRG Rider Team Classic Event) will be eligible to enter the BBG Bull & Rider tournament in Las Vegas (Only bull's best 3 scores will be used to compute average.) Additionally 3 Budro Class Champions at the first 3 regular season events will be eligible to enter the Bull & Rider tournament in Vegas.